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COVID-19 Response

As you probably know, the travel industry was hit hard by COVID-19.  If you booked a trip with us for summer 2020, your trip might have been rescheduled depending on travel restrictions.  Your trip organizer will be in touch about new dates.  If the new dates don't work for you, we can issue a travel credit for the deposit amount that can be used for any other trips on our site.  If you've made payments directly to the trip organizer, you will need to work out a travel credit/refund directly with them.

Since people are starting to travel again, we will add more trips for later this year and 2021 and resume business as usual with the following changes:

1) Some trip hosts have implemented new safety procedures in response to COVID-19.  Please check the booking pages for more details.

2) Travel insurance will be mandatory.  This has always been the policy, but many people were ignoring it, so now we will be including the cost of travel insurance in the deposit and purchasing it on your behalf.

3) We are extending the deposit refund window all the way to 30 days before the trip instead of 7 days after booking.  So now you can cancel your booking up until then and get 100% of your deposit back (minus transaction fees). Your travel insurance covers missed connections, travel delays, and cancellation due to illness or death, terrorism, hurricane warning, accommodations become unlivable, work, theft of passport or visas, traffic accident, cessation of services, revocation of military leave, bankruptcy of travel supplier, mandatory evacuation, extension of school year, crime to you or traveling companion.  Cancel For Any Reason can be purchased in addition to your basic policy, and covers 75% of the total trip cost for reasons not covered by the basic policy.

4) We no longer have confidence in the US Dollar or traditional financial institutions, and will only be accepting payments in crypto for the time being.  Every Black person should know how to buy, sell, and use crypto and start to become less dependent on the US dollar anyway.  We recommend cashapp and to easily purchase crypto with your bank account, or you can use the link below to buy crypto with cash.  Thank us later. 


"If the American Negro is to have a culture of his own he will have to leave America to get it."

Paul Robeson

“Tourists don’t know where they’ve been, travelers don’t know where they’re going.”

Paul Theroux

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As frequent travelers and self-described nomads, we learned a lot of things the hard way, through countless hours of research, and as former travel agents.  We want YOU to benefit from that experience and also each other's travel experiences.  That's why we're building a member's only community of Black travelers to help you discover new places and experiences, connect with other Black travelers, and explore together.  Be sure to sign up for our email list so you can get notified when we officially open up memberships, and in the meantime, get updates when we launch new group trips.

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