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Kangaroo Hoodie

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Don't feel like strapping on one of those corny looking baby carriers?  Are you a new mother that still wants to travel?  Then this kangroo hoodie is an absolute must-have!  The baby carrier on the front is also detachable.

Size Details: 
S: Bust: 33.4-34.6inches; Waist: 25.5-26.3inchs; Hip: 35.8-37inches; 
M: Bust: 35.4-36.6inches; Waist: 27.5-28.3inchs; Hip: 38-38.9inches; 
L: Bust: 38.1-39.3inches; Waist: 29.9-31.4inchs; Hip: 40.5-42.1inches; 
XL: Bust: 40.9-42.9inches; Waist: 33-34.6inchs; Hip: 43.3-45.6inches; 
XXL: Bust: 43.3-45.6inches; Waist: 35.8-37.5inchs; Hip: 45.6-48.8inches;

Material: COTTON,Polyester