Trip Categories



as the name implies, these are weekend trips.  Got a long holiday weekend coming up, try one of these.


these trips range from approximately one to two weeks.


these trips are at least a month and can run several months and may have just one or several locations on the itinerary.  Nomad trips are geared towards location independent people who can work from anywhere or people that have long breaks between work (e.g. teachers, actors, etc.).


EAT cheat day?  You might need a cheat week for this!  Foodie's delight.
EXPLORE geared more towards exploring nature, historical, and cultural sights and experiences.  These trips will keep you on the move and engaging all your senses!
PLAY work hard, play hard.  It goes down.  We get 2 lit, 4 lit!  Might want to rest and detox your liver before one of these trips!
RELAX something like laying on a beach sippin' pina coladas or by a pool in a cabana with a good book after a day at the spa.  Use these trips to unwind.