Alcoholic Beverage Brands

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Alcohol Brand Partnership

Our primary goal is to enhance the travel and event experiences of our members and followers, and as a part of that goal we aim to establish mutually beneficial partnerships with various brands.   Alcohol has been used throughout human history as a sort of social lubrication.  As a brand built around facilitating human interactions, specifically through an online community, social events, and travel experiences, partnerships with providers of alcoholic beverages makes perfect sense.

The Market

It's estimated that the African-American community spends $50 billion annually on travel and leisure with a large chunk of that spending coming from Black women (69% of our followers are women). However, the travel industry spends very little marketing to the Black community in comparison to how aggressively they spend targeting white travelers, millennials, baby boomers, and other groups.


In short, many brands under-appreciate and under-invest in marketing targeted at Black millennials, instead opting for generic "minority" or "diversity" marketing efforts.  The Black millennial market is significant enough to warrant specific attention and our intention is to allow brands to efficiently and effectively target this market with culturally appropriate, non-patronizing promotional activities.

Our Followers

Followers (as of 7/25/199) 172K
Impressions (from Jul 12-18, 2019) 1,169,927
Email Subscribers (as of 7/25/19) 7,992
Top Cities NYC, Atlanta, Houston, London, LA
Top Countries US, UK, Nigeria, South Africa, Canada
Primary Age Range 25-34
Gender 70% Women; 30% Men

Partnering With Us

As a social media influencer with a rapidly growing following and an organizer of group trips and events, The Black Travel Club is poised to increase exposure for wine, beer, and spirits brands.  The possibilities are endless and we are open to creative ideas that add value to your brand as well as our followers, but some standard implementations are outlined below.

Social Media Promotion

An easy way to test the market's response/reactions to a brand would simply be with sponsored social media posts, blogs, and email blasts.  We can provide guidance on what kind of posts would get the desired reactions/outcomes to achieve your objectives.  We can also aid in the creation of appropriate content that fits with our brand narrative, so as to not be overly intrusive and inauthentic.

Unlike most other social media influencers, we are in the process of building an interactive community of travelers and travel professionals (agents, bloggers/reviewers, photographers, models, etc.) so we will be able to draw talent from a wide range of people.  

Watching someone else drink on social media is no substitute for tasting a delicious drink with your own taste buds while hanging out with your friends or making new friends, just like hearing about someone else's travel adventures is nothing like experiencing them for yourself.  Events are the perfect place for consumers to interact with your brand and create memorable experiences and build connections. 

Similar to event sponsorship, the next level up would be sponsoring a group trip, which comprises several events and adventures and comes with a social media and email campaign along with custom content and product/service reviews if desired.  This also allows brands to get repeated exposure to potential customers and start building brand loyalty.

For each of the options above, content is key.  Our network of photographers, videographers, models, and graphic designers can create and deliver quality, culturally appropriate content to give your campaign that added edge or to use for your own in-house marketing efforts at affordable rates.  

Many brands think they can just reuse their existing marketing creative to pander to our market, and those brands are leaving a lot on the table, opening themselves up to competition that is willing to cater to us directly and build real brand loyalty.

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