Influencer Reps & Travel Planners

One of our goals is to get Black people paid from travel.  Black Travel is a $63 billion industry, and Black people should be getting most of those billions!  We have a long term strategy on how to achieve this and we need good people to bring along the ride.  We are stronger as a collective than just individuals!

The first step is to promote trips organized by Black tour organizers and travel planners.  Rather than paying Facebook, Instagram, and google for ads, we’d rather pay you to help us promote these trips!  You can focus on promoting existing trips, planning custom trips, or both.

Influencer Reps

If you have over 5,000 followers on Instagram or 10,000 on Facebook or twitter, and are interested in making some $$ with minimal effort and no up front costs, please fill out the application below.  We primarily work off commission only, so you keep what you kill.  But every now and then people will pay us a flat rate to post something and we can split some of that payment with you for posting as well.  For each trip you promote, you will receive a personalized discount code, so whenever someone uses it you will get credit and you’ll be able to track your own sales to verify.

Travel Planners

Are you a travel agent or planner with at least 2 years of experience and can close deals consistently?  Then we need you on our team.  We get leads through our website all the time with custom trip requests and we need help servicing them.  After an initial free consult, clients pay a deposit that will go towards the cost of their trip, or to compensate you and The Black Travel Club for your time and our administrative expenses in the case of a cancellation.  So really all you have to do is get them past the initial consult in order to start seeing some income, while the main income comes from commissions on successfully booked trips.


Please fill out the application below if you're interested in either or both of these opportunities.  Most likely if you're seeing this page, you have already been selected, so the "application" may just be a formality so we can have the necessary information on file.