Back to Africa Campaign

Allow us to introduce you to The Black Travel Club, where we enable Black travelers to Discover, Connect, and Explore!  One of our goals is to encourage as many people of African descent as possible to visit Africa.  While we normally sell group trips on our website targeted at Black millennials, we wanted to do something to give more Black youth the opportunity to visit the Motherland and have a transformational experience in their formative years as they matriculate from adolescence into adulthood.  Thus the Back to Africa Campaign was born!

Through the Back to Africa campaign, The Black Travel Club identifies and partners with non-profits that primarily target Black youth (ages 13-18) to send them on trips to Africa incorporating cultural, educational, and rights of passage programs.  These trips also benefit organizations on the ground in Africa, helping to strengthen the connection between the Diaspora and the Continent.

It is our view that we do ourselves a tremendous disservice by remaining physically and culturally disconnected from Africa.  This is due in part to a lack of exposure, education, and positive media coverage, which has created generations of African Americans that have been brainwashed and turned against Africa and African culture.  This brainwashing effort is more effective against children and carries on into adulthood.  Therefore, if we can intervene in the lives of our youth to stop this process in its tracks, we can change the direction of their lives and begin to re-connect with our family across the ocean.

We also believe in the transformative power of travel and believe that it is our collective responsibility to provide our children with opportunities to broaden their worldview and exposure them to different cultures at an early age, sparking curiosity, and inspiring wanderlust.  This translates to growing the Black travel industry over the long term and creating more economic opportunities and jobs within it.

How it Works

  1. We identify schools and non-profits with at least 10-20 Black youth that would be interested in traveling to Africa.
  2. The school/non-profit hosts an essay contest displaying the students' existing knowledge of Africa, any travel experiences they've had thus far, and why they want to travel to Africa.
  3. In partnership with the organization's existing fundraising network and our followers and sponsors, we begin a campaign to raise funds to send the group to Africa through one of our partner programs in Ghana, Senegal, or Benin & Togo, which will be determined by the organization and the children themselves.  The Black Travel Club will contribute up to 5% of the funds raised.
  4. Once sufficient funds are raised, we provide the organization with books and resources about African history and culture to help the youth prepare for their trip.
  5. The experience will be documented, and follow up interviews with the participants will be recorded and sent to donors so they can witness for themselves the power of giving our children this opportunity.

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Partnering With Us

For non-profits and schools, The Black Travel Club aims to provide a transformational experience for Black youth by connecting them with their African roots.  For sponsors, we provide exposure for your brand to a very desirable demographic while allowing you to use your resources to make a positive impact in the community.  Both non-profits/schools and sponsors will increase exposure for their missions/brands via our social media following, influencer network, and creative content that will be generated from these excursions to the Motherland. 

Contact us below with questions or to get started.