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Cast Iron Dinner Club

Cast Iron Dinner Club is a members only dinner club that was established for two reasons:

  1. Provide amazing food experiences and good, constructive conversations
  2. Create a safe space for Black people to come together to talk, build connections, and build up our communities.  

Most events will be members only, or you must be a guest of a member, but we will also have several prospective member events and volunteer events that will be open to the public.  Having started in Atlanta, we are looking to expand to cities around the world with large Black populations. 

Dinner Club Membership

Each city will have its own chapter with a host committee.  Existing members vote on new members at each membership level (outlined below).  Dinners will be hosted at member houses or commercial venues for larger events. 

As a member you will receive:

  1. Access to official Cast Iron dinners/events at your membership level
  2. 10-20% off meal prep services depending on your membership level
  3. 10% off a monthly subscription box from Black Soap Club, which provides monthly boxes with bath and body products from Black-owned businesses.
  4. 5% off The Black Travel Club store
  5. 10% off DNBE Apparel

Membership Levels

  • Citywide ($10/mo; $110/yr)
    • Access to dinners/events in your city
    • 2 free dinner tickets per year, and 10% off tickets to additional dinners/events
    • 10% off meal prep services
  • National ($20/mo; $220/yr)
    • Access to dinners/events in your country
    • 4 free dinner tickets per year and 15% off additional tickets
    • 15% off meal prep services
  • Global ($60/mo; $600/yr)
    • Access to dinners/events worldwide
    • 12 free dinner tickets per year and 20% off additional tickets
    • 20% off meal prep services
    • 5% off custom bookings through The Black Travel Club, or 10% off official Black Travel Club events/excursions 

Progressive Dates (Coming Soon)

*currently available in Atlanta only

While our dinner club gatherings are amazing time for fellowship and networking around great food, we want to give you access to that great food in the meantime in between time while creating memorable experiences for foodie couples and small groups.  Enter progressive dates...

Picture, if you will, a bar crawl scenario, but instead of having drinks at different bars, you will sample food from different restaurants with various activities in between.  A curated progression of food and fun experiences culminating in a private dinner/dessert.

    Referral Program

    Earn money by referring new members or guests.  There are two ways for you to earn:

    Host Committee

    Host committee members can be appointed directly by us or voted on by the members in their city.  If you are appointed to or voted onto a host committee in your city, you will receive free dinner tickets for yourself and a percentage of ticket sales for all new members/ticket sales you secure.  The primary host, who will be the main point person to organize each event, will also receive a percentage of all ticket sales secured by anyone on the host committee. 

    Affiliate Program

    Just like any other affiliate program, you will get a personal link to share with your network, and you will earn commission from anybody who makes any purchases through this website.

    Partner with us

    We currently are on the look out for:

    • Black-owned venues to host dinners/events
    • Black chefs
    • Black travel groups looking to create foodie experiences
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