Party N Camp Weekend [Texas]

Dates: 6/8/18 - 6/10/18

Price: $55 per person

Black Travel Club | Party N Camp Weekend


Party N Camp is an organic embodiment of partying, camping and fellowship. Enjoy a weekend of the best themed parties, games, tubing, and entertainment while socializing and forging lifelong friendships.

Why You Should Go:

This is the best outdoor party in the US! From dusk til dawn you'll eat,drink, and be merry with a few hundred folks that look like you. It's 3 days of unlimited fun! Open bar at the parties and 3 meals provided.


Bring a tent and a comfortable sleeping bag or air mattress. This is a real camping trip! 


This is probably the best $55 you can spend to have fun for a whole weekend. Don't miss it!



  • 8 - Arrival
  • 11- Scavenger Hunt
  • 12-3 Outdoor activity (mixer)
  • 4-til Kickball/soft ball
  • 6-7 Dinner
  • 7-9 Dating game
  • 10-2 ABC party


  • 8-9 Zumba
  • 8-10 Breakfast
  • 9am prep for river
  • 10:30-3:30 Tubing
  • 4-til Field day
  • 6pm Dinner
  • 7-9 Poetry Slam
  • 10-2 Foam Party


  • Rise
  • Pack
  • Enjoy the camp/leave